Share Capital Structure

Share Capital Structure

As at December 31, 2017 the share capital amounted to CHF 6,707,745 while participation capital was CHF 4,071,683. Market capitalization at due date was CHF 23.9 billion.

Investor Relations Contact

Marco Knuchel
Head Investor Relations
Tel. +41 41 445 30 61

Major shareholders

At the end of 2017, registered shares of Schindler Holding Ltd. were held by 7,135 shareholders (previous year: 6,497).

On the same date, the Schindler and Bonnard families – within the scope of shareholder agreements – and parties related to these families held 47,661,559 registered shares (previous year: 47,655,782) of Schindler Holding Ltd., corresponding to 71.1% (previous year: 71.0%) of the voting rights of the share capital entered in the Commercial Register.

Key figures registered share

In CHF20172016
Number of registered shares outstanding67,077,45267,077,452
   thereof treasury shares489,174556,1151,513,747545,7693,285,417
Nominal value0.
Year-end rate220.50177.90169.00142.60131.60
P/E ratio December 31 (before exceptional items)28.927.127.523.023.7

Key figures participation certificate

In CHF20172016
Number of participation certificates outstanding40,716,83140,716,83144,236,31144,618,53346,171,909
   thereof treasury shares211,740299,6493,907,999785,0581,953,873
Nominal value0.
Year-end rate224.30179.60168.00144.00131.30
P/E ratio December 31 (before exceptional items)29.427.427.423.223.6